Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My ConClave 33 Experience

I had a wonderful time at ConClave 33, both watching the other panelists and speaking on a few of my own. The RPG panel flew by, the Lovecraft panel was fun, but I really liked being on the zombie panel, it seemed to have the most give and take with the audience. Rick Moore astounded me with the skill evinced during his panels, I aspire to one day work a room like him, truly a marvel to behold. William Jones was informative and enjoyable to listen to as always, and Stewart Sternberg-taking the dais for the first time-was charismatic and knowledgeable.

The guiltiest pleasure, I must confess, was listening to the "writers widows" panel, in which Deborah Jones and two other writer's wives dished on the inner lives of their spouses. I cannot relate the sidesplittingly funny things revealed that evening because I was sworn to secrecy...well, actually, I was threatened with acts so heinous they bordered on crimes against humanity. Funny, funny stuff.

Kudos to Jody Harrow, Freon and the other unsung heroes behind the scenes who made this such a wonderful evening.


MKeaton said...

You know, some of us would REALLY like to know what was said on the "Widows" panel. (Well, mostly William and I anyway).


Charles P. Zaglanis said...

I wish I could, but The Sisterhood has an insidious knack for gathering intel. As the only Y chromosome in the room, they'd know where any leaks sprang from. I don't feel safe...what's that at the window...Debor...Arrrrrghhhhh!!!