Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I love October. The air is that perfect sleeping temperature. Darkness reigns long, but not so long it causes depression. The breeze holds the promise of change..and just the slightest taste of decay. And I love Halloween most of all.

Christmas is nice, but has become so stressful. My birthday is fine, but there's a reaper pointing at a watch every time it rolls around.

All Hallow's Eve though, is magic. Kids love it, adults love it, no stress and all joy. No need to even decorate, throw some candy in a bucket and you're part of the fun.

I was always Zorro or Darth Vader growing up, both my heroes and villains had to be guys dressed in black swinging a sword around (I'm partial to ninjas as well). These days I'm too big around the gut to do them justice, but I do fine as a shambling zombie. The picture above is my new wallpaper; it's The Headless Horseman Pursuing Ichabod Crane (1858) by John Quidor


Rick said...

Headless Horseman wallpaper??? Man wherever did you get that?

Anonymous said...

I do love October, though the coming of Winter has me shaking in my boots.

Charles P. Zaglanis said...

Rick: I did a search on Wikedpedia for the headless horseman, there it was.

Will: Winter sucks. The only good thing about it is I'm not hot when I go outside. Of course, it's no where near as bad as when I was a kid. I have pictures of my house buired in snow-haven't seen that much in a long time.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I love October. Blood tastes coppery on the lips this time of year. The crisp air means screams carry further. What's not to love?

Lucas Pederson said...

Ah yes, Halloween. Where the ghouls come out to play, not just for a minute scare, but for an entire night of mischief. HAHAHAHA!

How've you been? Long time no see. Lol.

Lol! I just realized you posted this on my birthday! Wierd, man.

Jeff Rimer said...

And why haven't you updated your blog in a year?