Friday, April 02, 2010

Tim Curran's The Spawning: Book Two of the Hive Series

The Spawning is one of the books I'm editing for Elder Signs Press. I'm really enjoying the process, not only because Tim is a fine writer, but also because the Hive series draws inspiration from a story very dear to me. I discovered H. P. Lovecraft when I was twelve and his work affected me profoundly. In particular, "At the Mountains of Madness" gave me terrible, delicious, nightmares. The Spawning resonates with that same feeling of isolation and cosmic malignancy.

For those interested, here's the current back copy:

Bringing unimaginable ancient horrors to light, this supernatural novel weaves several terrifying discoveries into one disquieting tale. At an isolated research station in Antarctica, a cosmologist experiences a singular, horrifying encounter. In the grip of an unforgiving snowstorm, the members stationed at Mount Hobb confront a terror that will change the world. Amidst threats of national security, conspiracies, and cover-ups, a new group of scientists at Polar Clime Base attempt to unravel an eldritch mystery that has remained locked away for billions of years.

Hidden away in the shadows of glacial caves, a malevolent intelligence that not only threatens the lives of those who discover it but also the future of the human race, lies waiting. Despite the dire warnings from the researchers at Polar Clime, the National Science Foundation refuses to intervene, leaving the inhabitants alone in preventing a final war for the very existence of humanity. In this riveting science fiction thriller, the unforgiving landscape of the Antarctic is explored, revealing the darkest place on Earth and the unknown menace that dwells beneath its ice.


Rick said...

Great stuff, Chuck. Reminds me a little of that movie "Alien vs. Predator."

How does it feel to have the full editorial responsibility of editing Tim's stuff?

Charles P. Zaglanis said...

Since they borrowed a lot of stuff from AtMoM, I suppose it would. Re: your question, the book is a great read so I'd say it feels wonderful : )

Stewart Sternberg said...

I read HIVE and am looking forward to this book. Hats off to you, Tim.